Expanding Elder Law Outreach at Southern University Law Center


​PFD Consulting wrote the grant application that resulted in AARP giving the school $115,500 to expand legal outreach to low-income and home-bound seniors. The year-long grant project is being managed by PFD who is providing project management, legislative advocacy training, and organization of an Elder Law Summit to engage policymakers and community leaders in the legal challenges facing elderly citizens.

Project examples

Legislative Solution Modeling


​By exploring the relationship between citizens, governmental agencies, and rulemaking bodies, solutions can be mapped based on:

  1. The language of the rule.
  2. The opportunity to control how the rule is managed.
  3. Individual capacity to implement the rule.
  4. How the rule is communicated to all stakeholders.
  5. The subjective interests of each person who interacts with the rule.
  6. How the governmental agency processes input and feedback with regard to the rule.
  7. How individual ideology impacts how people respond to the rule.
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